Month: July 2020

The Human Element in Landscape Photography

The Human Element in Landscape Photography In my early days of photography, I adamantly resisted the idea of adding the human element in landscape photography. The fact I learned about this from professional photographers did not sway me. Eventually, I began to change my perspective, deciding to experiment and be open to wherever it took me. My first experiments. In two of the three examples, would you agree there is a human element of some kind with the feet and a bench? The human element does not necessarily need to be big and bold, although it can be. Something as simple as what I included...

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Hoar Frost

Hoar Frost As photographers, one of the challenges is whether we will stop long enough to take photographs. Of course, we plan to and assure ourselves that we will, but sometimes we say to ourselves, “next time.” Have you noticed how next time does not wait for us? The situation varies, the lighting changes, it is inconvenient, what will people think, and those precious moments slip past the camera tucked away in the bag, making us a wee bit nostalgic. That almost happened with these hoar frost images on the kitchen window. The reason it did not is that I decided to act instead...

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