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Enthusiastic photographers of all levels aspire to take good quality photographs that capture their subject's spirit, reflecting what they felt and remembered about the experience.

To create memorable photographs, one needs to start with the basics. With ten essential and easy to understand tips, this book explains how to use your digital camera and take better photos of your favourite subjects. If you are like many aspring photographers overwhelmed and confused bytechnical terms and your camera manual, you are about to discover it does not need to be that complicated.

Practice exercises accompany each tip to elevate your skills, have more fun with your camera, and be proud of your phoots. Imagine how exhilarating it will feel to capture and share life's treasured moments with your new found photography skills. You can do this!

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Angie Patterson teaches beginner photographers the basic skills needed to take quality pictures on an SLR digital camera using clear, accessible language and plenty of visual aids.

MAKING PHOTOGRAPHY EASY AND FUN delivers on its premise, providing expert advice and interesting exercises that will delight burgeoning photographers.

~Lisa Butts for IndieReader